Tuesday, November 6, 2007
'Real Housewives' Are Back Tonight!

My very own favorite guilty pleasure, 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' airs the first episode of the new season tonight on Bravo (check your local listings for times), and I'm so psyched!

There's a new housewife joining the cast, and Jo is out, though is rumored to have her own spinoff show in the works.

Vicki, Jeana, Lauri, and Tammy are once again swinging open the gates to their exclusive community to show that money can't solve every problem — especially when it comes to children and husbands. And this season promises even more juicy surprises, thanks to a wedding and the addition of a hot new housewife on the block!

Proving just how unpredictable real life can be, the season begins with the news of the sudden and tragic death of Tammy's ex-husband Lou, who suffered a fatal heart attack during the show's hiatus. Tammy's daughters, Lindsey and Megan, will now have to figure out how to continue to fit into this posh community now that they no longer have their father's money.

And just down the block, Vicki is struggling to have a relationship with her own kids that isn't based solely on lavish gifts. But she's off to a slow start — in the first episode, she gives her daughter a brand new Mercedes-Benz!

Other changes this season include the addition of supersexy housewife Tamra, a longtime stay-at-home mom of four who has recently joined the big-bucks world of real estate. A California girl born and bred, Tamra is all about looking good. "Tamra's definitely very cute; it's interesting just to watch her," Lauri tells Star. But, according to Lauri, Tamra needs to keep up appearances: "I can't leave the house without makeup anymore," she says. "People recognize me!" Welcome to the neighborhood!

Be sure to tune in so you can marvel at all the terrible problems that being too rich, having a gorgeous house, and bratty kids bring you.


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