Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Does Simon Have Fake Boobies?

Simon Cowell has his fingers in many a television pie, including across the pond in the UK, where the acid-tongued 'Idol' judge hails from. Cowell is a judge on a show called 'X-Factor', which is based on the same premise as our 'American Idol'. Unfortunately for Simon, he doesn't seem to be as well liked by the judges on 'X-Factor' as he is on 'Idol'.

One of those Brit judges, Louis Walsh, has gone on the record saying that Simon has had pectoral implants to get that muscled look he sports under those tight black t-shirts that he incessantly wears. Walsh goes on to say that the rest of the judges, with the exception of him, "all have fake t**s" and other work done.

No big deal, I say, since the rest of the judges are women! Whatever, it just sounds like some sour grapes to me, though those boobies Simon's got do look a little suspect....


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