Sunday, September 9, 2007
Britney Just Can't Get Her Groove Back

From Brit's bad, bad weave, to her out of shape bod, to her puffy tummy, to her spangled black bikini and fishnets, to her really bad dance moves, everything about her comeback performance just screamed "Go Back!!" I think that after tonight Britney needs to retire on her reported $700,000 a month she makes in royalties, and just concentrate on being a better mom.

I was cringing the entire time I watched the 4 minute routine, if you can call it a routine. The lip synching was out of synch, the outfit was 2 sizes too small, the hairstylist should be shot, and the choreographer will never work again. Brit looked like she had just barely learned the choreography that day, and she was obviously nervous in front of the crowd. The reaction shots of the heavy hitters in the audience were priceless, because they were just as stunned as I was. There were a few mouths hanging open, and not in a good way. And where were all the illusion moves that mindfreaky Criss Angel was supposedly working on all this time with her??

This was a huge disaster for the popwreck, and I can't wait to see what all the other blogs will be saying about the performance, or lack thereof. The highlight was watching the dancers on the stripper poles that appeared on tables in the audience. At least it took my eyes temporarily away from the 10 car pileup jiggling about on stage.

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