Saturday, February 24, 2007
Page Six Says: We Were Hoaxed
We all got hoaxed by someone posing as Anna Nicole Smith's MIA assistant Kimmie Walther. Page Six has the cajones to come out and write an item admitting their mistake.

What a nasty trick somebody played on Anna Nicole Smith's former personal assistant, Kimberly Walther. A mean-spirited blogger created a Web site in Walther's name and had her spewing out all sorts of venomous garbage about Howard K. Stern, which you read about here yesterday. A mortified Walther tells "Entertainment Tonight" she had absolutely nothing to do with it and called Stern to tell him that. ["It] wasn't how I felt about him at all," she said, adding, "He's a mess, I have never seen Howard cry and now he cries every time we talk. He cannot grieve properly because he's fighting for what Anna wanted."


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