Saturday, March 31, 2007
Britney's Rehab Tennis Partner ID'ed

Remember when Britney Spears was in rehab and she was photographed playing tennis with some dude? And remember when Britney and her tennis partner dude disappeared into the shrubs to dry hump, and had to be seperated by rehab security?

Well, the unidentified tennis playing Britney humper has been identified, by none other than the guy's own publicist.

Musician Howie Day's publicist wrote to Page Six to tell us that Britney Spears' recent unidentified tennis partner at Promises rehab center in Los Angeles, where they were photographed, is none other than her client. Day is evidently being treated at the facility, and his rep informed us, "He is promising to finish his next album when he emerges."

Day is mostly known as a one hit wonder for the song "Collide", which acchieved quite a bit of radio success after it was featured on TV shows 'Scrubs' and 'One Tree Hill'. Since then he has had a few scrapes with the law, and is supposedly now back in the recording studio working on another album.


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