Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Britney's Crazaziness Continues....

From Life & Style Magazine:
Britney Spears' latest crazy behavior happened in the middle of an upscale clothing store!

On Jan. 13, the troubled pop star and her boyfriend Adnan Ghalib hit up the Betsey Johnson store at the Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks, Calif., where they caused a disturbing commotion.

Britney grabbed dresses from the racks and disappeared into a dressing room with Adnan. Moments later, Britney came out completely naked, shocking salesclerks!

"I was blown away. Britney's private parts were right in front of me!" a store employee tells Life & Style.

"I grabbed a dress to cover her and she screamed, 'Get away from me! Don't you f------ come near me!' says the employee.

"Then she disappeared in the dressing room with Adnan for 45 minutes. They were making weird noises. It was disgusting."

When Britney and Adnan stumbled out, Britney mumbled something unintelligible. "I couldn't understand a word she was saying. She was slurring and spitting, and talking with a British accent," says the employee. "Her face was covered with cold sores and acne, and her scalp was patchy. I wanted to help her, but she was so mean that I left her alone.

"Then she muttered, 'F--- you!' and left the store."

This latest outing follows a different day in the life the popwreck where she and Ghalib went shopping in Beverly Hills while she wore her wedding dress from her nuptials to Fed-Ex.

What other craziness will follow? Stay tuned!


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