Tuesday, December 18, 2007
The Younger Spears Has a Bun in the Oven!!

Hell hath frozen over in the squeaky clean, hallowed halls of Nickelodeon. 16 year old 'Zoey 101' star Jamie Lynn Spears is preggers!

Following in the down home footsteps of older sis Britney, Jamie Lynn has gone the way of the elder popwreck and gotten herself knocked up. Only this time a Spears did it without being married, and before she was legal!

The exclusive interview breaks tomorrow in OK! Magazine.

[The interview] is six pages and is on the record with Jamie Lynn and her mother. She tells the mag that the father is Casey Aldridge, who she has been dating for some time and first met at church. Brit's younger sister, star of Nick's "Zoey 101," says she's keeping the baby.

I'm sure bookies in Vegas will be knee deep in odds over whether she loses custody of the kid before it's one year old or after.

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