Friday, November 2, 2007
Oops! Britney Did it Yet Again!

Britney Spears has to be the worst and dumbest driver in the history of the world. Today she ran over yet another person's foot, but this time it was a cop!

TMZ has learned that an officer on duty at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L.A. was trying to help Brit leave her custody hearing, when Brit rolled over her foot! The officer was one of the brave souls helping Brit maneuver through a crowd of photogs as she pulled out of the garage. In the video, broadcast live on TMZ on Oct. 26, you can hear an officer yelling at Spears to "Make a left, make a LEFT!" -- but the Pumpkinmobile ding-danger went right!

Sources tell TMZ that the victim has no broken bones but is hobbling around the courthouse on crutches and has been reassigned to light duty. Just a week earlier, Spears ran over the foot of a TMZ photog in Beverly Hills.

I, for one, will never drive anywhere in California as long as the Britster is behind the wheel.



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  • At Saturday, 03 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    If you stop driving in Cali, then you must be as dumb as the people who crowd a moving car and stick their feet two inches from the tires.

  • At Sunday, 04 November, 2007, Blogger CeCe

    Well, Anon, I am smart enough to "Go left!" when a cop is yelling at me to "Go left!", not expecting me to turn right and run over their toes. How about you?