Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Lauren Conrad Falls Out of Her Seat

Everyone's favorite good girl, Lauren Conrad, got so trashed while out with her new toy, Josh Henderson, that she fell backwards off her chair with her feet in the air.

The couple arrived hand in hand at the Belvedere Sky Villa Suite after the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas Sunday night.

Unfortunately, the free vodka may have taken its toll, and our girl "appeared to be nodding off," according to a witness.

"Around 3:30 a.m. [Monday], she literally fell over in her chair backwards with her legs up," laughs the witness. "I've never seen that happen before."

But while Conrad drowsed, Henderson played. He seemed particularly taken by a bikini-clad model called Taylor who was working in the suite.

"He had his hands all over her," says the spy. "At one point, he picked her up and was bouncing her."

Will America's good girl be the next starlet to end up in rehab? Stay tuned! It will probably be a premiere episode of 'The Hills'.


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