Tuesday, September 25, 2007
'The Hills' Are Alive, With the Sound of Wedding Bells?

Adding yet another engaged couple to the show, badboy Jason Wahler dropped a big, and very unwelcome, bombshell on ex Lauren last night.....he's engaged! The new fiancee is Katja Something-or-another, a blonde who had nothing but ire for our little LC.

Katja's eyes shot daggers at Lauren every time she looked in her direction, and it didn't help that Jason was dropping his fiancee at every turn to cater to LC's every whim, and ultimately dissappeared outside with her to talk. When Katja appeared on the scene, she again made sure Lauren knew she wasn't well received, and then situated herself between the two with her back to her. Poor Lauren!

On the work front, Whitney messed up in a big way. She was in charge of a magazine photo shoot with the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and she and Lauren took the band out drinking the night before. Everyone was hung over the next morning, and the band showed up about two hours late for the shoot, whereupon one of the guys decided he hated the wardrobe and insisted on wearing his own jeans for the shoot. They happened to be girl's jeans, size 8. Anywhoo, Whitney was soundly beaten verbally by the boss later.

And finally we check in with Heidi and her idiot fiance, Spencer, who is making a mess of the wedding preparations by simply being a typical guy. We find out that Spencer hates the idea of registering for gifts, because why do we want to make our friends buy us a bunch of stuff we don't need, after all? Second, he wants to elope to Tibet or somewhere, effectively ruining Heidi's aspirations of having a fairytale wedding. And last, but definitely not least, we are clued in to the fact that good old Spence hasn't told his parents he's getting married, and when asked by Heidi, he has no explanation for it.

The drama just keeps on coming....

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