Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Diddy's in Trouble With Johhny Law

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is being investigated over an alleged incident of assault that took place at a post-Oscar party.

Gerard Rechnitzer, a real estate broker, was at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel with his fiancee, and made a pitstop in the loo on his way out the door. When he returned, he saw his fiancee surrounded by six guys, including Diddy. He watched for about five minutes as the lady was chatted up by the rapper, and at the point that Diddy asked her to leave with him to go to a party he was having, Rechnitzer stepped in, saying he was leaving. Diddy persisted, and when the 5'7" Rechnitzer asked her again to leave, Diddy allegedly punched him in the jaw.

Rechnitzer dialed 911, but when the cops arrived Diddy was gone. An ambulance also arrived at the scene, but the victim declined to be treated. As many as five witnesses have come forward who saw the altercation.



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