Saturday, March 31, 2007
Long Lost Twins?

Avril Lavigne and Sarah Michelle Gellar look as if they could have been separated at birth. What do you think?

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Britney's Rehab Tennis Partner ID'ed

Remember when Britney Spears was in rehab and she was photographed playing tennis with some dude? And remember when Britney and her tennis partner dude disappeared into the shrubs to dry hump, and had to be seperated by rehab security?

Well, the unidentified tennis playing Britney humper has been identified, by none other than the guy's own publicist.

Musician Howie Day's publicist wrote to Page Six to tell us that Britney Spears' recent unidentified tennis partner at Promises rehab center in Los Angeles, where they were photographed, is none other than her client. Day is evidently being treated at the facility, and his rep informed us, "He is promising to finish his next album when he emerges."

Day is mostly known as a one hit wonder for the song "Collide", which acchieved quite a bit of radio success after it was featured on TV shows 'Scrubs' and 'One Tree Hill'. Since then he has had a few scrapes with the law, and is supposedly now back in the recording studio working on another album.


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Friday, March 30, 2007
Jen Garner and Violet Have a Day Out

Jennifer Garner and little Violet have a fun day out together at the park. Jen's looking all muscly and back in pre-pregnancy shape.

Photo: US Weekly


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Wahlberg and Shyamalan to Team Up

Mark Wahlberg has signed on to M. Knight Shyamalan's new thriller 'The Happening'.

Wahlberg will play Elliot Moore in a story about a family on the run from an apocalyptic threat to humanity. Shyamalan wrote the original screenplay, and produces with Sam Mercer and Barry Mendel.

"Mark has a unique blend of charisma, humanity, authenticity and skillfulness as an actor," Shyamalan said in a statement. "All of which coalesced at this moment in his career, making him the perfect person to take on the role of Eliot Moore, the science teacher at the center of this event."

Production is set to begin in August in Philadelphia, with a release date slated for June 2008.


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Timberlake Gets a Britney-Buzz

Justin Timberlake sports a Britney-buzz cut as he leaves a NY hotel this week.


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John Travolta Solves Global Warming!

John Travolta has unveiled his plan to solve the problem of global warming....move to another planet!

The actor, who is a follower of Scientology, thinks the only way mankind may be able to survive the impending environmental disaster is to colonise another world.

Travolta - who infuriated environmentalists by flying his private jet to the London premiere of his new film 'Wild Hogs' - told BANG Showbiz: "I think that everyone can do their bit, but I'm wondering if we have to start thinking about other planets and also domed cities, because I don't know if there's a way to repair these holes in the sky."

Can we get our tickets for the space shuttle now? Is there a line?



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Jenna Jameson Gets a Little Work Done

Jenna Jameson, porn star extraordinaire, has reportedly had a little lift and tuck on her undercarriage in the form of a vaginoplasty. Jameson has been left very unhappy with the results of the surgery, and has holed up (no pun intended) and isn't speaking to anybody.

Unfortunately for Jenna, talks are in progress to turn her book 'How to Make Love Like a Porn Star' into a mainstream movie, and she hasn't showed up to the meetings. This could mean the end of the film, which she had handpicked Scarlett Johannsen to star in as herself. No word on whether ScarJo had actually accepted or even considered the role.

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Britney Celebrates Divorce Settlement

What does every other newly minted rehab graduate do when they want to celebrate a big moment like divorce? Go to a bar, of course! That's just what Britney Spears did last night after spending the day with Kevin Federline and a bunch of lawyers finalizing the terms of their divorce.

Brit showed up at Bridge Restaurant and Lounge, wearing a wig and a ridiculous Bedazzled hat that didn't go with her sexy dress at all. The popster stayed only 30 minutes before leaving for parts unknown, but sported a huge smile for the paps.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Stripes May Be in This Season for Hilton

Celebutard Paris Hilton may face up to 90 days in jail after being found in violation of her probation and knowingly driving with a suspended license.

Previously, Hilton's spokesman Elliot Mintz told the Associated Press that she was unaware that her license had been suspended.

"When Paris called me (after she was pulled over on Feb. 27), she asked if her license was suspended," Mintz said. "If that's the case, she and I are unaware of it."

But Nick Velasquez, spokesman for the City Attorney's Office, said Thursday: "We have sufficient evidence to prove that Hilton had knowledge of the suspension, and yet continued to drive."

Hilton's attorney's have managed to get her out of tight legal spots before, but they may not be so lucky this time, and the celebutard extraordinaire may have to serve some jail time.



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Sarah Michelle Gellar to Join Batman Sequel?

Joss Whedon, creator of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series, let the cat out of the bag that Sarah Michelle Gellar is more than likely joing the 'Batman' cast.

In a post on his website, Whedon wrote "I had been talking back and forth with one of Sarah Michelle Gellar's reps about a role in a new film I start shooting in May. "They expressed a morsel of interest... Unfortunately, yesterday (28MAR07) we were informed that she wouldn't be able to do it; because there might be a clash with Batman."

I think that would be awesome if SMG was in 'Batman', and I might be more inclined to actually see it as opposed to Katie Holmes or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Don't worry Maggie fans, she is still part of the cast.


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Hudson-McConaughey Filming Halted for Jellyfish

'Fool's Gold', starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey and filming off Fraser Island, Australia, had to halt production at it's current location because of jellyfish.

A scene in the film was to have featured the actors swimming off the island. "You can't now say the waters around Fraser Island are jellyfish safe," Dr. Jamie Seymour of James Cook University, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. "I mean, these animals have the potential to kill you." The irukandji jellyfish are only thumbnail sized but are regarded as one of the world's most toxic creatures. Their sudden discovery around Fraser Island was being blamed on global warming.

No word yet on when or where filming is to resume.


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The Name's Bono....Sir KBE Bono

U2 frontman received the honor of being knighted at a Dublin ceremony Thursday. Because he isn't a British citizen, the customary title of "sir" doesn't come with it.

The actual title that was bestowed on Bono is Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, or KBE.

During the event, a letter by British Prime Minister Tony Blair was read, praising the singer's activism. "I'll leave it to others far more knowledgeable than me to talk about U2's music," Blair wrote, according to the BBC. "All I'll say is that, along with millions of others right across the world, I'm a huge fan."

Bono also addressed the criticism – especially from Irish nationalists – that he would accept the British honor. "It has been a great year for this award to happen in," Bono said, adding, "And it does feel like this country and Great Britain are closer than they have ever been."



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Courtney Love Shows Off Her New Hot Body

Courtney Love continues her Maui vacation in a different swimsuit, while showing off her recent 45 pound weight loss. She has been on a slimming shake diet since December. She has another 10 pounds to go before reaching her goal weight.

Photo: US Weekly


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Stallone Hires Body Double for Rambo

Sylvester Stallone is hiring a body double for the filming of Rambo IV to help make him appear 30 years younger on screen. This comes after being popped for illegally importing human growth hormone into Australia last month.

The hardman last played the role in RAMBO 3 in 1988, but 20 years later he will again take up the long hair and gun-packed attire for another bash at the action film franchise.

And, being 60, Stallone has had to hire a 30-year-old body double to cover the shots he is now unable to do himself.

Stallone is hoping the film will be as much of a box office and critical success as 'Rocky Balboa' was.


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Liza Minelli's Ex Finds New Love

Liz Minelli's estranged hubby David Gest has found himself a new beard girlfriend. The lucky lady is British actress Malandra Burrows, whom he first met when both were on the TV show 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "David told a few friends he was keen on Malandra after letting it slip he was taking her out on dates.

"They have been out for some romantic dinners and are really enjoying each other's company."


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Lohan's Love Life a Huge Guessing Game

Lindsay Lohan has been linked with quite a few names in the past couple of weeks, including Stavros Niarchos, James Blunt, Jude Law, Robbie Williams, and Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis (ew!). Planet Gossip writer Marc Malkin queried those close to La Linds about which one of those men was likely to be the one. The name that kept coming up was Law's.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, those close to Jude say she may have a big thing ofr the Brit actor, but the feeling is not mutual. Sources told Malkin Law insists the two have never hooked up. "She wants it to happen," one Law source insists. "But nothing is happening—nor will it."

This sounds suspiciously like the unrequited love situation with James Franco that was the catalyst for sending Linds to rehab.

According to Jude's friends, Lindsay developed a big crush on him when they were both filming in New Orleans at the same time.

Lindsay keeps getting these crushes on men who want nothing to do with her. Sounds like a daddy abandonment issue to me.

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Johnny Depp Gets Back to Work

Johnny Depp is back to work in costume for his role as the demon barber of Fleet Street in 'Sweeney Todd'.


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Chris Sligh Latest 'Idol" to be Going Home

Chris Sligh, the kind of loveable chubby cross between 'Lost's Hurley and Jack Osbourne, was voted off 'American Idol' and sent packing, also sparing Sanjaya Malakar for another week.

Simon predicted the results, saying "It's bye-bye curly", even before Ryan Seacrest read the results.

Cowell said on Tuesday's program that Sligh's rendition of the Police classic "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" was a "mess."

Haley Scarnato and Phil Stacey rounded out the bottom three, but were pronounced safe, and Sligh got the boot.


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'Army of the Dead' Flick Coming Soon

Get ready zombie flick fans! Zack Snyder is set to direct 'Army of the Dead', an epic-scale project that's sure to have undead fans feeling giddy with glee.

Snyder directed 2004's 'Dawn of the Dead', and most recently the box office smash '300'.

Army is reportedly set in a not-too-distant future where the city of Las Vegas has been quarantined. The action revolves around a father who tries to save his daughter from the zombies.

Snyder and Warners have already hired screenwriter Joby Harold (Awake) to write the script.

The film may be shot, as 300 hundred was, entirely against green screen with visuals added later. Snyder told Daily Variety that Army of the Dead will have a sweeping, epic quality. "I feel like there hasn't been a zombie movie on the scale that we want to do it," he said.

I loves me some zombies! I can't wait.

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Mest Rocker Lovato Avoids Murder Charge

Punk rocker Tony Lovato has dodged a bullet this week after being held by police on suspicion of murder.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has opted to not file charges against the former lead vocalist of the Illinois punk band Mest, who was arrested Sunday on suspicion of murder and booked for criminal homicide.

The 26-year-old rocker claimed that he stabbed Wayne Hughes, 25, in self-defense after the two got into an argument Sunday shortly after 8 a.m. in the parking garage of a Studio City apartment building where a woman who authorities say both men dated lives.

Prosecutors found "insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the killing was not a justifiable use of reasonable force in self-defense," D.A.'s Office spokeswoman Jane Robison said.

Lovato called 911 himself and willingly surrendered when officers arrived at the scene Sunday, Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Lieutenant Andrew Neiman said.

The "Jaded" rocker told police that Hughes had assaulted him and then, "at some point, Mr. Lovato produced a knife and the victim was stabbed," Neiman said.


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Casting Couch....

Constantine Maroulis, former 'Idol' wannabe, has been cast in the CBS soap 'The Bold and the Beautiful' for a role supposed to last thirteen weeks. The role is basically an exaggerated version of himself.

“He will be a more established pop star/producer/label owner. He will discover this girl Phoebe and want to make her a big star. He will get caught up in a love triangle.” says Maroulis.


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Chris Rock Gets Hit With Paternity Claim

Funny guy Chris Rock isn't laughing now that a woman has gone to the media with claims that he fathered her teenage son.

Kali Bowyer, 35, says she and Rock dated briefly before he hit it big. Bowyer got pregnant, and says that between the time the baby was born to age three she had tried going through Rock's lawyers to no avail. She says she just kept getting the brush off.

Now Bowyer says, she has decided to make the ordeal public because she has wanted Rock to take a paternity test for medical reasons. Her son has suffered from seizures from a young age, and getting a father's medical history will go a long way in solving the medical issue.

She also says she isn't interested in getting any of the comedian's money for herself, though support for her son would be nice. Neither does she wish to hurt Rock's marriage with wife Malaak, which has, according to the tabloids, been on the rocks.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Star Jones: Gobble Gobble, Happy Birthday to Me!

Star Jones Reynolds celebrates her birthday at Social Miami, and also shows the world a good amount of underarm turkey wattle. Granted the lady looks great post-weight loss, but please someone tell her she can afford a little tuck in the wattle.


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E! Online Building Evacuated for Bomb Threat
If you're wondering why E! Online is a little slow on reprting the gossip today, it's because their building was evacuated a little while ago for a bomb threat.

Sources tell TMZ that two threatening phone calls were made from two different overseas locations.

We're told that Ryan Seacrest was not in the building at the time of the evacuation. Police sources tell TMZ that a security guard on scene reported the threats, and LAPD is currently at the location.

The EMI-Capitol Music Company and the G4 Network are also occupants of the building.

The building employees are to be hkept out of the building for at least one hour until authorities can determine if the threat was real or not.
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Gossip Fix
Brit's security pulls gun on photog -- Allie Is Wired
Kate Beckinsale has lots and lots of sex -- Celeb Gossips
Courtney Love shows drugs do a body good -- Celeb Warship
Uma Thurman shows off her ginormous jugs -- Celebrity Dirty Laundry
'American Idol' needs to hire a new stylist, stat! -- Seriously? OMG! WTF?
Shilpa Shetty (Celeb Big Brother show) pulls a Britney upskirt -- Ninja Dude
A deli denies Paris Hilton -- Janet Charlton
Fergie wears sofa upholstery out in London -- ICYDK
Paris Hilton fer sure bought herself funbags -- Fatback & Collards


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Sanjaya Malakar is showing his desperation to distract the American public from his bad karaoke by performing in a ridiculous mohawk hairdo. The "fauxhawk" was actually made up of seven little ponytails on top of his head.

As far as his performance goes last night, he was apparently so busy perfecting his fauxhawk that he forgot to learn the lyrics to No Doubt's 'Spoiler'.

The website Idolator reports that Gwen Stefani, who was the guest last night, was so put off by Sanjaya's lackluster performances during rehearsal, she went to producers to put the kibosh on his performing any of her tunes.

"Sanjaya Malakar - He wanted to sing "Spoiler". She tried to get him to sing some 80's song. He said he was a big fan and he really wanted to do one of her songs. Gwen was upfront with him and told him she didn't think he could pull it off but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Today after seeing how rehearsals were going, she didnt' see any progress. She went to Nigel immediately and told him she does not want Sanjaya singing one of her songs whatsoever. Sanjaya didn't have many options at that point. He kind of got stuck with "Spoiler". This caused a big scene at the studio and was the talk all afternoon."

Oh snap! Even Gwen thinks you can't sing, dude! Go home already!

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Girls Aloud Sarah Harding Becomes Lingerie Model

I don't usually write about UK bands or musicians in the blog unless they are really well known here in the US, but Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud is just so darn cute, AND she has my new favorite haircut.

Harding is the new model/spokesperson for Ultimo lingerie for the Spring and Summer collection. The photoshoot took place in Miami.

Sarah follows in the footsteps of Helena Christensen and Rachel Hunter as Ultimo models, and had a little bit of trepidation at the thought.

She said: "I am not a supermodel like all the other previous Ultimo models so I worked really hard to look the best I possibly could.

"The best bit is after the shoot when I get to take all the lingerie home with me."

Ultimo lingerie is available through their website and at Debenhams, a European department store chain.


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Charitable Heather Mills Barely Bid On at Auction

Heather Mills, dubbed by 'Dancing With the Stars' a "charity campaigner" as her description, hit a road block selling herself and dance partner Jonathan Roberts for charity.

Heather and Jon attended the Starlight Starbright event, and what was being auctioned was a night with the two of them. The bidding started at $10,000, and there were no takers. The 'Dancing' couple then took the stage to garner some interest, and still no takers. The auctioneer then cut the opening bid in half, which I'm sure was quite embarassing for the Brit babe.

Dr. Phil took it upon himself to start the bidding, and waved his bid number. Unfortunately for Dr. Phil, no one else felt that sorry for her or wanted to spend an evening with Heather....there weren't any other bidders!

Perhaps good old Dr. Phil can spend the time he won giving Heather advice on how to win friends and influence people, because she needs a little help in that department.


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Britney's Kids Aren't Warming Up to Her After Rehab

Britney Spears is feeling the after effects of being away from her kids all this time. Apparently the two boys are much more comfortable with dad K-Fed at his place than with mom.

Britney Spears did the right thing by checking into rehab, but now the “Toxic” star is distraught that her sons seem more comfortable spending time with her estranged hubby Kevin Federline than her, according to the upcoming issue of Star. “When Britney came to Kevin’s house, she realized the boys felt very at home there, and that there wasn’t a place for her,” an insider told the tab. “She hasn’t had very good visits with the boys.”

They probably forgot who she was and what she looked like after staying out all night clubbing for weeks at a time. Or perhaps she has changed up her look with the head shaving and wigs one too many times, and they just can't place her any more. I'm not surprised by this report at all.


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Blind Item
Which "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum is supplementing a moribund acting career with a thriving business as a pot dealer?




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Patti LaBelle Says Jennifer Hudson is Nice

Jennifer Hudson's probably undeserved new rep of being a "diva" is apparently preceding her. Hudson presented an award to Patti LaBelle at the GLAAD Awards, and miss LaBelle said "I didn't know you were this nice. I thought you were a bitch," LaBelle said as she accepted an award from the newcomer.

The two ladies also performed a duet together that reportedly "almost blew the doors off the Marriott Marquis".

You go, girl!


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Name That Celeb....

Anyone have any guesses who this celeb is?

Click here to find out who it is!
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Paulina Claims 'DWTS' "First to Go Home" Honor

Joining the crew of Tucker Carlson, Trista Rehn, and Kenny Mains, Paulina Porizkova garnered the lowest score and was sent packing last night from 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Though praised for her classy looks and elegant lines, Paulina just couldn't wow the judges or America enough to let her stay another week. Her dancing was okay, but she was just too stiff on her feet to really let any personality shine through, and personality she has. I think that dancing in front of millions of people may have overwhelmed her, and as a result Porizlova was very underwhelming in her abilities.

I thought she was pretty equal in dancing skill with Shandie Finnessey, who was the other low scoring dancer, but I guess Shandie must have gotten through to the audience just a bit more. Finnessey is very funny and engaging when they do the little interviews behind the scenes during practice. She also has a great rapport with her partner, which comes through in those bits.

Who do you think will be the next star to go home? My money's on Shandie or Leeza Gibbons. Neither seems to be able to let loose enough to be sexy or anything else while dancing.

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Penelope Cruz and Josh Hartnett a Couple?

Hollywood's most famous beard, Penelope Cruz, is adding yet another notch to her ever increasing belt. This time the notorious maneater is after Josh Hartnett, though sorces say she is going well out of her way to keep the romance under wraps.

In Touch reports that the two lovebirds were spotted at LA's The Little Door, where they asked for a secluded room for themselves.

A waiter tells the publication the couple left through separate doors, but "before they went, they kissed goodbye," adding "they were touchy-feely all night, holding hands and kissing... They were cute."


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Olsen Twins Getting Matching Nose Jobs

Dr. Raj Kanodia, nose job surgeon to the stars, is reportedly going to be performing matching nose jobs on the Olsen twins.

A source told In Touch Weekly magazine: "Ashley has always thought her nose was a little too big, so she wanted to get it done.

"When she talked to her sister about it, she loved the idea.

"They both love changing their looks. They thought this would make them look more polished."

Dr. Kanodia was in the news recently because he fixed Jennifer Aniston's deviated septum, and also fixed Cameron Diaz's broken nose.

Personally I think their noses look great. Maybe they should think about adding a little meat to ther frail bones, and fixing those mops they call hair instead.


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Rachel Hunter Real Life "Stacy's Mom"

Rod Stewart's son Sean went on Howard Stern's show, and said he had had an adolescent crush on his then stepmom, model Rachel Hunter. Hunter has since become infamouse by the Fountains of Wayne music video "Stacy's Mom" where she is the object of lust of a pubescent boy.

Stewart said he used to watch Hunter sunbathe in the nude at the pool.

"I used to stare at her when she was down by the pool sunbathing naked. I was like 15 or 16, and I was sitting in my pool with a bottle of lotion."

He says he never made a move on her because he was afraid he couldn't handle the full rejection. On the other hand, he said, it is Hollywood, so who knew what could have actually happened.

I wouldn't get your hopes up, dude.


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Another Jolie Kidnap Plot Foiled

Yet another kidnap plot to capture Angelina Jolie and/or one of her brood has been uncovered and foiled before being carried out.

This time Life & Style magazine reports that some "gang" had plotted to snatch Pax Jolie, the newly adopted Vietnamese boy, as he and Angelina landed in the US. The plan included demanding $100 million for his return.

L&S reports that a "credible" plot was "meticulously planned" by a gang that has executed kidnappings and extortion plots before. "They're highly skilled operatives with little regard for human life," says an insider close to Angelina Jolie's security team.

“Information came out that leaders of the gang ordered their LA members to devise a plan to kidnap Pax before demanding a ransom of $100 million for his safe return,” the insider says. “Brad and Angie would have a number of days to hand over the money or risk the boy’s life.”

I see a Lifetime network movie in Angelina Jolie's near future.


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Black Eyed Peas Member Arrested

Taboo, a.k.a. Jaime Luis Gomez, was arrested last night after he crashed his car about 20 miles outside of LA.

According to police, Taboo aka Jaime Luis Gomez, was cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of a prescribed medication without a prescription, and driving under the influence.

Taboo was booked at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Industry Station's jail at 1:51 PM and released a few hours later on $5,000 bail.

I think I must be tired this morning. I have nothing snarky to say about this.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Lisa Rinna to Join 'Entourage' as Guest

The original Miss Pillowlips herself, Lisa Rinna, is joining my favorite boys in a guest star role on 'Entourage' this season. Rinna will play an ex of Kevin Dillon's character, Drama.

"She gets slutty with Kevin Dillon and Jerry's characters," says a set source. "They haven't seen each other for 15 years and things get hot between them."

Love, love, LOVE 'Entourage'. I have been going crazy without my boys this year.


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Blunt and Nemcova Officially Split.

James Blunt and Petra Nemcova have allowed their reps to tell us that they have officially splitup....since February.

Well that's good to know, because dorky Blunt has been seen getting cozy with Miss Firecrotch herself, Lindsay Lohan.

In recent weeks, Blunt has become a regular fixture in the Hollywood nightlife scene, hitting the town solo. He was spotted on the same night – March 21 – at both Les Deux, where he hung with pal Robbie Williams, and later at Teddy's, where he partied with Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Osbourne and Amy Winehouse.

According to a clubgoer at Teddy's, "Lindsay and James were never affectionate, but they did seem flirty, standing right next to each other, and constantly talking." Lohan and Blunt were part of a group of people who left together at 2:15 a.m.


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Hilary Duff Runs Into Ex Benji on TRL

Well color this moment awkward when Hilary Duff, while co-hosting MTV's Total Request Live, ran smack into her ex Joel Madden who was there to perform with Good Charlotte.

"It was a little strange at first, but I wish nothing but good for him and I know that he wishes the same for me," Duff told PEOPLE. "I'm happy and he's happy and I think that's all that counts."

Madden has been dating Nicole Richie, and things are supposedly serious enough between the lovebirds that reports say they are to be married soon in Mexico. Before Nicole, Madden and Duff dated for two and a half years.

I wonder if Hil will be getting the sonn-to-be-newlyweds anything they registered for....


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Laguna Hills Star Arrested (Yes, Another One)

19 year old Jessica Smith, of MTV's 'Laguna Beach', was arrested for suspicion of felony driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs after allegedly causing an injury crash on the Santa Ana Freeway.

Cops say Smith, of Laguna Beach, was driving a Volkswagen Beetle and slammed it into the back of an Acura, causing "great bodily injury" to people in both cars. The CHP report said that her level of intoxication, unsafe speed and wet roadways were conditions that led to the crash. The driver of the Acura, Roy Hernandez of Lake Forest, sustained minor injuries. A passenger in Jessica's car, Lindsay Cooper, 20, suffered minor injuries.

Police sources tell TMZ that Smith is still being held in an Orange County jail. Her bail was set at $100,000. Smith is due in court tomorrow morning.

Jessica Smith is known on 'Laguna Beach' for always picking the wrong guy, and then sticking with him no matter how badly he treats her or how many times he cheats. Specifically Jason Wahler, recently arrested for underage drinking and resisting arrest, was one of those poor choices.

Photo and source

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Not-So-Hottie of the Day: Posh Beckham

Put those things away before you hurt someone, Victoria. It's just a bad, bad look all the way around, from the pink stripe pointing directly to the Grand Canyon of fake boobies, to the red satin second skin 80's prom look dress, to the overprocessed and overchopped hair. Just say "When!"


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Hottie of the Day: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff shows off her killer profile, gorgeous dark hair, and perfect make-up. Gotta admit, for a former teen queen teenybopper, Hil's rockin' it big time!

Photo: Allie Is Wired


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Julianne Hough New 'Dancing' Fan Favorite

Insanely cute, terminally funny professional dancer Julianne Hough has quickly won the hearts of 'Dancing With the Stars' fans just two weeks into the show. At only 18 years old, the petite blonde, paired with Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, shows she has the dancing chops and personality to be a top contender for champion this season.

Hough is one of 11 kids from Utah, and at the ripe old age of 10 moved to the UK to train with her coaches in competitive dance. At 15 she moved back to the US, graduated from high school, and moved to LA to pursue acting and dancing. Hough landed a role as a dancer on the game show hosted by William Shatner 'Show Me the Money', and soon after took over on the DWTS tour when Kym Johnson injured her arm. Hough was partnered with season one's Joey MacIntyre, and is the youngest dancer on the show.

I personally think she's adorable, and has an uncanny resemblance to Christina Aguilera, with her blonde hair and petite frame.

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Michelle Williams Gets Her Hair Back

Michelle Williams sports some nice hair extensions, after she buzzed most of her hair off recently. The extensions are for a role in the drama 'Incendiary'.



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Don't Shoot the Messenger
Which pop megastar celebrated his visit to NYC last week with an east Village gogo dancer and gay-for-pay rent boy? "he was fat, completely hairless and doesn't really like being touched," says the young gentleman.


NY Daily News


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Wynonna Judd's Hubby Arrested

The National Enquirer reports that country singer Wynonna Judd's husband, Daniel Roach, has been arrested for sexual abuse of a minor.

Daniel Roach -- Wynonna’s second husband -- was arrested March 22 at the Shades of Hope rehab center in Buffalo Gap, Texas -- the same place where Wynonna battled a food addiction just a year ago. Roach, say insiders, was being treated for an undisclosed addiction.

Roach was held at the Taylor County Jail in Abilene, Texas, on a $750,000 bond. He is charged by a grand jury with three counts of aggravated sexual assault on a child, according to Don Aaron, public affairs officer for the Nashville police department. Roach had been Wynonna’s bodyguard for 10 years before the couple became engaged in August 2001. They married on November 22, 2003, in Tennessee.



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Aguilera Pulls an Ashlee at the Garden

Christina Aguilera, known around the world for her voice, disappointed fans at Friday's Madison Square Garden performance by apparently lip-syncing to her songs.

The 'Beautiful' star encountered undisclosed technical problems at the concert in Madison Square Garden, New York City, prompting the audience to speculate the star was miming during the entire set. Aguilera's manager Irving Azoff has admitted there was a sound-related problem at the concert. He tells the New York Daily News, "Miss Aguilera is one of the most talented vocalists to ever grace the stage; however, we did have a technical problem with the sound equipment at the Garden."

Somehow I think the backlash for Christina won't be anywhere near the neighborhood that Ashlee Simpson suffered for lip-syncing an SNL performance. Of course, Xtina isn't just launching her career either, and we all know she has a great voice.


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