Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Down-Low 'Dirt' Fan Here
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I admit it. I have a problem. I'm taking a cue from The Evil Beet and letting it be known that I really enjoy Courteney Cox's new show, 'Dirt'. You won't find too many who will admit that, and most prefer to keep that little tidbit on the DL. I'm coming out of the closet, because I just can't hold it in anymore.

I think 'Dirt' shows a breakneck, seamy side of the gossip biz that not too many of us were aware of, probably because we get our gossip fourth or firth hand, far from the action where it all goes down. We're not privy to the blackmail and sneakiness that prequels a good scoop. Most of us are far, far away from the Hollywood life where drugs, sex and the closeted action stars live, work and play.

Give 'Dirt' a shot, and then come back here and tell us whether you love it or hate it. F/X, Tuesday nights, late.

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